Availability and Prices of the book

(last updated 27 September 2019)

From today (27 September 2019) the book is available on Amazon. com, Amazon.co.uk, Springer.com, Palgrave.com. It can be pre-ordered on Bol.com where it is available on 4 October. Prices differ and still change. (On Amazon prices for the printed book are now $35,- and £20,- For the Netherlands Bol.com is probably cheapest because there are no shipping costs. On bol.com the price is now €28,- for the printed version and €25,- for the e-book. At Amazon, Springer and Palgrave also separate chapters are for sale, but they are (too) expensive.

Possible reviewers and those tutors who consider using the book in courses (or pretend they may) can apply for a free electronic or a print copy by sending an e-mail to reviews@palgrave.com. Or they can contact me.