Videos of lectures


A 4 minute interview by V2 (Institute for the Unstable Media) with me being both artist and scientist. The  interview served as a warming up for the event Blowup: Show Me The Money at V2 in 2011.

15 minutes talk at the Steierische Herbst festival “Truth is concrete” in 2012, in the session: Neither working nor unworking. My contribution runs from 11.30 till 26.30 minutes from the start of the video.


45 minutes talk on The Exploitation of Visual Artists with special attention for the (im)posibility of collective action by artists, at a conference of the artists union IGBKDeutschland in2012. I wrote a corresponding text with recommendations for policy makers, which has been published in English and German.


A 7 minutes talk on the problematic social-economic situation of symphony orchestras; at the  FIM International Orchestra Conference, Amsterdam, March 7-9, 2011