CV artist Hans Abbing

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I am a draughtsman – I mainly uses pastel, be it in a strong and unconventional way – and a photographer. I also created some videos. My subject are portraits and the human body.

1946 born in Utrecht the Netherlands

1978-1983 Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam

from 1983 Uses pastel to draw nudes and gradually predominantly heads in the presence of a model

1983-1985 Makes black and white photographs of nudes with his self-made slid-camera.

1995 Receives a prestigious grant (werkbeurs) of the Dutch Foundation for the Visual Arts (FBKV) for his drawing.

from 1998 Resumes making photographs with a partly self-constructed slid-camera of nudes and heads.

2004 Receives a grant (basisstipendium) of the Dutch Foundation for the Visual Arts (FBKV) for his photography.

2009 Starts making videos

Exhibitions in the Kapberg Egmond, Forma Aktua Groningen, Institut fur aestetische Grenzbereiche Neurenberg Germany, Galerie Janssen Berlin Germany, 9e Journees Internationales de la Photographie et de l’Audiovisuel de Montpellier France, Galerie Eyegenart, Keulen, Germany, Art Jonction Cannes, Galerie PC München Germany, Galerie Maas Rotterdam, West-Fries Museum Hoorn, De Verbeelding Baarle-Nassau, Gasworks Gallery Londen Engeland, Several exhibitions in Galerie Vromans Amsterdam, Galerie Podion, Amsterdam, several exhibitions in Galerie Witteveen Amsterdam, Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem, Galerie Jacoba Wijk, Groningen, KunsteinzuHausegeben, Berlin and many others. (List to be updated.)

Latest solo-exhibition (of drawings, photographs and videos) in Amsterdam: January 2013 Visual Art Center Witteveen

In 1994, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2008 and 2010 presentations at the KunstRAI‑Artfair in Amsterdam and in 2021 in the Europ Artfair in Amsterdam.

Work by Hans Abbing is part of several public collections. Among them, photographs in the photo-collection of the municipal museum of Montpellier, France, and drawings in the collection of the ING Group.

Gallery and dealer in Amsterdam:

Visual Art Center Witteveen, Konijnenstraat 16a, Amsterdam , Tel. +31.20.623 96 84,